Turning Leads Into Meetings Into Sales


We teach you practically how to create meetings from incoming leads and then how to turn those meetings into sales and committing clients.

Workshop Info

Do you know how to take a lead and convert that into a meeting and then use that meeting to gain a sale?  We teach you how to use specific sales techniques to get the sales you want.   


  1. Marketers, sales people, entrepreneurs or businesses wanting to turn leads into sales.

Workshop outline & Topics:

All the Tuit workshops are presented as short format.


  1. Practical demonstration
  2. Industry and technology info and trends
  3. Best practice and decision making techniques
  4. Worksheets, samples and skill planning

Your Lecturer for this workshop:

 Alta Lourens | Salez | Leads and cold calling specialist

Additional information


Afrikaans, English

Workshop Level



3 hours

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Team