Knowledge is Power!

Before embarking on an expensive digital marketing campaign, we offer an insightful workshop called The Big Picture of Modernday Marketing.

This incredible workshop is presented online using Zoom by a seasoned profesional with 20+ year active experience.

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Let us tell you how our training WILL empower you to make better marketing decisions!


Selling is tough, advertising is cheap, marketing is complicated and technology is overwhelming.

Our workshop training session bridges the gap between traditional and modern marketing, we explain.

  1. WHY you need to change the way you communicate everywhere.
  2. WHAT are the ‘minimum must have’ tools to do the job of modern marketing, including Social¬†media, Website and a CRM system
  3. HOW¬†it all fits together for your business. The systems, methods and how to’s.

Watch this short video!

Eugene explains the concept of Disinter-mediation, the effect this has had on our customers and how we reach out to them.

Have you read our story. What drives us.

Why not read a little more about why we do what we do.

It’s a passion for sales and marketing. But marketing is a means-to-an-end for selling…hmmm.

Makes you think doesn’t it?