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Are you currently thriving or surviving.


We live in a tough economic world. With technology white noise around us. Many businesses are struggling to sell products. Especially, if you used to have good and constant sales. The question in your business is WHY. Why are people not buying anymore?

We recommend putting products through some critical thinking. Maybe even redesign, reword or repackage it. But where to start and where to find out what the reason is for not selling.

Understanding that markets, customers, buying patterns and technology constantly changes. Key changes that change the world we live in, and change how customers buy.
By creating data pools to collect valuable information from customers’ behavior with regards to their interest and customers responding to marketing, can clearly indicate what customers are interested in and why they buy or don’t buy your products.


We decided to help with understanding, and setup from basic to complex technology to drive a sale. Product wording, website, inbound and outbound marketing efforts, customer relations management, personalized interaction, reporting and sound boarding.
Business is a complex machine. Successful business and selling complies to the concept of CHAOS THEORY. For people to buy your product, forms part of a complex mechanism, process and experience. Historically, successful sales were based mostly on an owner’s hunch, flexibility, bravado and luck. In today’s world of technology, one can monitor virtually the complete sales process, from production, marketing and closing of a sale.
To make a product that people want, and considering complex buying cycles and client’s decision making process, complies to nothing less than chaos theory to be successful. This chaos theory might then come over as being lucky to have a successful business. Any entrepreneur can have a level of control over analytics and insights into aspects in the chaos, in order to make products more sales worthy or attractive to a buyer.
In today’s world of technology, we can monitor and measure many more aspects of why people buy and don’t buy your product. Data can give us great insights into the WHY. Do you know the story of WHY? Check out this video of our hero, Simon Sinek
Have you heard of Theory of Constraint (TOC)? It is brilliant in its simplicity. You identify constraints on your process. By eliminating the first constraints, it changes and improves the remaining process. Move on through the process and keep eliminating constraints and changing the process further. By eliminating your constraints, your process must work very efficiently.
At SaleZ we have applied TOC on the sales pipeline. By looking at the complete product delivery cycle, we can eliminate why people don’t buy your products. Or find out why your sales are down.
By applying TOC as a theory to your products, marketing and sales, you can create exceptional product offerings and be truly disruptive in your industry.
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