Creating and using an online client database for your business


Your CRM system is your primary client database. No, it is not Outlook or Excel. It should do bulk emails, marketing automation and many more. We can show and teach you how, what and when.

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Keeping a record of your clients and business interactions is only the start of a CRM.  Managing these relationships, keeping in contact and getting in new leads then converting these leads to sales is where the power of a CRM lies.  Let us teach you how to get the most out of your CRM.


  1. Marketers, sales people, entrepreneurs or businesses wanting to use their CRM to maximum effect.

Workshop outline & Topics:

All the Tuit workshops are presented as short format.


  1. Practical demonstration
  2. Industry and technology info and trends
  3. Best practice and decision making techniques
  4. Worksheets, samples and skill planning

Your Lecturer for this workshop:

 Eugene Beetge | Salez | Team Leader, Sales & Marketing Specialist, Speaker

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Afrikaans, English

Workshop Level

Advanced, Beginner, Expert, Intermediate


2 hours

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Sales Team