The Big Picture of Modern Day Marketing


This face to face workshop explains how digital marketing works from outbound advertising all the way through inbound marketing.

We discuss how to implement an integrated marketing system that will market, advertise and sell your product or service and why all companies need a marketing system.

Your story should be powerful. Your customer also has a story in his head. A story that creates problems and he needs answers. Does your story and your business have the ability to answer your customers problems.

These are some of the areas we address in our workshops training including

  1. Start with WHY
  2. Their story and your story, and how they relate to each other
  3. Your products exist because their story matters
  4. People really don't care about your business, they care about how you can solve their problems or fulfill a need.

We discuss how to implement an integrated marketing system that will market, advertise and sell virtually any product or service and why all companies need a marketing system.

  1. What is a marketing system you ask?
  2. It's not a piece of software, it's a combination of methods platforms that works together to deploy your marketing strategy. Shall we say your own marketing algorithm to repeat, for successful ongoing marketing resulting in sales.

Marketing has become very complex. With digital marketing taking the lead, companies now have to contend with many platforms, systems, and methods. In-depth knowledge of each platform like social media, e-mails and CRM is required. Who has time to learn all of this, as well as implement it on a daily basis, while running a business.

We show you the big picture of the marketing landscape, and where digital marketing fits into this picture. This makes it all digestible even for small businesses.
Your startup business has the ability to outsell its largest competitor.


  1. Marketers, entrepreneurs or businesses that want to understand the complexities of marketing today
  2. People wanting to know how the digital marketing setup works as a big picture
  3. What technology is required to get involved
  4. What systems are required to be successful in digital marketing

Workshop outline & Topics:

All the Tuit workshops are presented as short format and traditionally on the customers premises. If a workshop is ordered we will make immediate content with you and arrange the date and venue of choice.

  1. Start with WHY and why finding your why is the most important thing a business should know.
  2. The digital marketing world we live in and how it all fits together
  3. How traditional marketing and digital marketing should co-exist
  4. Turning products into marketing and marketing into sales
  5. Inbound vs Outbound marketing
  6. Inbound marketing funnel and working explained and demonstrated
  7. How digital marketing works
  8. Customer journeys and how to develop and manage them
  9. Minimum requirements for successful digital marketing deployment
  10. Readiness for your website and marketing strategy
  11. Customer Relations Management
  12. Why a CRM system is critical for all businesses.


  1. Practical demonstration
  2. Industry and technology info and trends
  3. Best practice and decision making techniques
  4. Worksheets, samples and skill planning

Your Lecturer for this workshop:

 Eugene Beetge | Salez | Team Leader,  Sales & Marketing Specialist,  Speaker

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Afrikaans, English

Workshop Level

Beginner, Intermediate


3 hours

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs